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2011 Hot Selling Teletubbies Cartoon Character Costume Two Pieces

2011 Hot Selling Teletubbies Cartoon

Card cool clothes

Your daughter or son shall cuddle to a 2011 Hot Selling Teletubbies . 785328019919 is the UPC barcode aka the "Universal Product Code", for this item. Among the list of key features for these toys is the performances, advertising, corporate logo display. Other features include things like shipping time 7-13 days and suitable for body height:1. 6-1. 8m. We want you to get the best price when shopping for a Teletubbies toy for your children.

[Product specification] 160-180CM, individuals get to wear the total height up to 2 meters around a person's height can be customized [Products Material] high-quality short plush material, shearing super- soft, plush fabrics, etc. In accordance with customer needs, too as each other's credibility in order to take consultative manner. [Usage] performances, advertising, corporate LOGO display [Applicant Scope ] First, commercial Street, children's playground, pedestrian street, parks and public photo Second, several different commercial fairs, Expo Three, the Enterprise Shopping Center, publicity, promotional activities Fourth, the entertainment, theme park campaign Fifth, a range of large-scale gatherings, birthday parties, opening ceremonies, sporting events, weddings, carnivals Sixth, kindergartens and public welfare activities. [Product Description] people can wear to walk into a totally free performance figures, lively and sweet lifelike form. [After-sales service] All goods of our company totally free of charge for life warranty Permeability has good, clear line of sight, the features are simple to clean, clothes can be added enterprises, for example the image of.


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